Another Little Secret

By Jade Archer

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Book Description
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Brody is loving his new life with Zak and Lark, but he's afraid that his lovers are keeping secrets from him again.

Their first Valentine's Day together isn't starting out all that well. To top it all off, Wolf unexpectantly encounters issues that Brody's not sure any of them are ready to tackle at the moment.

Reader Advisory:This book is not a stand-alone story. It is a special Valentine's Day sequel to Sandpiper's Secret and should be read after that story.

General Release Date: 1st January 1970

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: fb_1153
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Genres: GAY

About the author
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Jade Archer

Jade Archer was born in 2010 after a prolonged pregnancy and labour of over 34 years! I've decided she is about 24, enjoys long walks in the country because she does not have five kids and a husband to care for, eats as much chocolate as she wants because she never has to worry about putting on weight (must be all those long walks!) and can often be found planning her next whirlwind world tour or endlessly typing away (without any interruptions) on another hot and steamy erotic romance. It might be space pirates; it might be shifters or a lonely vampire with a hunger for the girl next door, one thing is for sure, she loves variety and cannot wait to meet the next characters destined to fall in love.

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  Reviewed by K B

Jade Archer is an amazing author! This story is a perfect little sequel to Sandpipers' Secret. Hope to see the next one soon!

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