Brought by the Storm

By Gareth Chris

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Two men, each resigned to solitude, find romance when brought together by a hurricane. Can their growing love survive the storm created by their secrets?

Young Eric Turner’s quiet suburban life is upended when a hurricane strands three foreigners in his quaint Connecticut town. Attracted to the grouchy Carrington Howard, and enchanted by Carrington’s mother, he offers them shelter during the storm.

Carrington, using the last name of Howard as an alias, is the president of a European country that declared independence from Russia decades earlier. While traveling with his mother and bodyguard, Stefan, they are dumped by their driver due to an impending hurricane. With nowhere to go, Carrington’s mother accepts a Connecticut man’s offer to stay at his home. Carrington and Stefan pretend to be a couple to hide their identities from the unsuspecting host. But when Carrington learns his life is in danger from a Russian intelligence operative, he feels it fair to reveal who he really is. The more time he spends with Eric, the more Carrington realizes he isn’t as straight as he thought, and he’s developing real feelings that accompany the attraction.

Eric’s and Carrington’s growing love and passion must overcome the challenges of being from two different continents, the demands and expectations placed upon them, naysayer friends and one determined assassin.

General Release Date: 9th April 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-630-3
Word Count: 75,016
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 285

About the author
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Gareth Chris

Gareth Chris has a degree in English and a minor in Theater / Playwriting. When he isn't writing stories about dashing men overcoming challenging situations, he provides consultative organizational design and executive coaching to international clients. He volunteers his time to local charitable organizations that focus on helping the less fortunate - particularly those needing food and shelter.

Gareth makes his home in the lovely New England area of the United States, where he, family, and friends enjoy the proximity to beaches, mountains, and numerous historical cities and sites. 

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