Cassidy Ryan

A devourer of books since the age of three, Cassidy Ryan has wanted to be a writer since she discovered that actual people created these wonderful worlds and characters.

She discovered her mum's stash of romance novels when she was twelve, and the die was cast.

These days she lives in the West End of Glasgow, and when she isn't meeting the demands of her cat Angel—the undisputed Mistress of all She Surveys—or indulging in her life-long quest to find the perfect handbag, she likes nothing better than to sit down at the laptop and manoeuvre gorgeous men and women into bed, in whatever combination the muse sees fit to gift upon her imagination.

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Cassidy Ryan - Romancing the Book feature

Review: Wow. This was a quick love story that I didn’t see coming. Jennifer is stuck in yet another job that she can’t stand. The monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out. No excitement, no challenge, just the same repetitive job. Jennifer one day had decided that she had had enough and took matters into her own hands.

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Cassidy Ryan - BTSe mag feature

I’ve been writing professionally for several years now, have three novels, a few novellas and a couple of dozen short stories under my belt. But it is only with my latest novella, Kiss Yesterday Goodbye, that I’ve had the confidence to set the story in my native Glasgow.

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Reviews (27)

This is not a story filled with tremendous angst and plot twists, but it is simply an enjoyable and sexy romance. Jon has had his heart broken, and he’s afraid of another relationship. Aiden i...

Imperfect packs a solid little punch in 58 pages...if you like great characterizations, witty dialog, hot love scenes with two hunky police officers, then Imperfect is the book for you...

5 out of 5! Reviewer Top Pick! Come across the pond anytime Bound Brits writers. Every author has written a great, highly erotic story filled with its own wonderfully written drama. Excited ant...

I have to take a second and say that I am such a fan of this series even though they are short stories. I love short stories but I normally do not read them if they are a series because it feels...

These are two very different, but very likable guys who come from different backgrounds. Together they confront and then learn to put that past behind them and create a new normal and brighter f...

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