Faking PRINT

By Sarah Masters

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Oliver and Langham take a much needed break to get away from crime—but it follows them, ensuring they’re pulled into another murder case.

Oliver and Langham take two weeks off so they can rest after a string of murder cases has left them worn out. On the way to their destination, Langham spots two criminals driving in the same remote area. Known for being hitmen, surely they can only be on a job. Unable to quell his hunch, Langham is further on edge after their arrival at a small village pub where they’re staying. There’s something about the place—and the woman who runs it.

A mile or so away, a hitman, Jackson, is readying himself to kill a killer who is coming after his millionaire client Randall. Jackson has an immediate attraction to Randall, and the pair discover more about one another in one evening than Jackson’s revealed to anyone in a long time.

Lorie runs the pub where Oliver and Langham are staying. Colin is the butler at Randall’s mansion. How will their actions impact on Oliver, Langham, Jackson and Randall?

Murder. It’s everywhere…

Reader Advisory: This book contains violence, murder and scenes from the perspective of a serial killer, which some readers may find distressing. There is also a brief reference to bestiality porn.

Publisher's Note: Although books in this series can stand alone they are best enjoyed in order.

General Release Date: 9th May 2014

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Heat Rating: Burning  
ISBN: 978-1-78184-785-5
Sexometer: 2  
Word Count: 50,245
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 143

About the author
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Sarah Masters

Sarah Masters is a multi-published author in three pen names writing several genres. She lives with her husband, youngest daughter, and a cat in England. She writes at weekends and is a cover artist/head of art in her day job. In another life she was an editor. Her other pen names are Natalie Dae and Geraldine O’Hara.

Sarah also co-authors with Jaime Samms, and as Natalie Dae she co-authors with Lily Harlem under the name Harlem Dae.


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