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Yes, Forever Serial

John Weston has had his demons and conquered them, sort of, with the help of medication and a good therapist. Depression had pulled him down and almost destroyed his life before, but with the help of his family, John had learned to accept himself and the need to face his illness head-on. Now he’s come a long way from the man who couldn’t make a wise life-choice if his life depended on it. He has a steady job, his mental state is good, but he doesn’t dare take a chance on disrupting the stability he’s created for himself.


Until someone makes him realize that he isn’t living, not really. Work, home, couch, Wednesday dinner with the family— It’s the same routine for John and has been for over two years. His mother wants him to find his Forever man at a local church, but John isn’t sure he’s ready. It’ll take someone shaking up his world to get John to step out and start living a full life again.

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