Noelle Keaton

Noelle Keaton has bounced around the United States, including stays in California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, but she now resides in Florida. Although she works as a tax associate for a large corporation, her first love is writing. When she isn't jotting down ideas for new stories, you can probably find her reading a book from an ever growing stack, debating politics and current events with friends, or experimenting with new recipes. Noelle's vices include watching bad reality television and eating the white chocolate KitKats she keeps swearing she's giving up.

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Noelle Keaton - Cara Sutra feature

From the moment I read my first erotic romance, I was hooked, first as a reader and then as a writer.  I love coming up with stories where my characters get themselves into jams where sex can either resolve or worsen the situation, depending on where my imagination takes me.

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Anais Morgan - BTSe Mag feature

I think that people are happier when they have a hobby. For some it’s reading, others gardening, and there are those that get the house prepared for the big game on the weekends. It’s something to get our minds off of work and general problems. Hobbies are a very good thing.

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This book consist of six short stories by various authors that tells the stories of billionaires who step outside of their boxes and surrender themselves sexually and emotionally to the men who ...

Both men seem to be just what the other needs in their life but a the lies of a jealous ex almost ruin it all. First Trent falls for the lies and then Kyle over reacts to him believing the lies...

It´s a great way to find out if you like reading the stories of a author. The stories are short so i think this anthology is a good read when you are traveling, waiting or when you just want to re...

an enjoyable story...if you're looking for a fun, light story, give this one a try...


It is a wonderful story about two men who find love together.


It is amazing the love you can feel that each man can have if given the time. It also sh...

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