Of Blood and Spirit: A Box Set

By Nikki McCoy

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Crimson Mate

A war is brewing. One that could end everything unless two men can learn to trust their hearts and break the barriers that separate them. 

A centuries-old feud has pitted Ba’Kal—shifters—against Vam’kir—vampires. Quinn has suffered the pain of the ongoing contention in ways that no man ever should. Once the respected son of the Vam’kir king, his life was forever altered the day his father realized a truth of which even Quinn was unaware.

As the Ba’Kal ruler, it is up to Manning to seek justice for the vicious attacks the Vam’kir have perpetrated against his kind, but his very beliefs are called into question when he discovers that his mate is also his enemy. To keep Quinn safe, he must learn to trust in the impossible—that love might exist beyond boundaries—for failure means the end of his future and that of the rest of his race.


Darkness Entwined

As the powers of darkness and light collide, a soul with no redemption must rely on love to restore the balance.

Keenan was a mistake. An abomination feared by the very being who had sired him for the potent powers of light and dark in his soul. He was tortured for years until he managed to escape the God of Destruction, his father, Roh Se Kahn, only to be imprisoned again and held captive in a war he had no ties to.

King of the Vam’kir, an ancient race who survives on the life-giving blood of humans, Rowan is struggling to enforce the peace treaty signed by his kind and their twin race, the shapeshifting Ba’Kal. After two millennia, their war has finally come to an end, though their alliance is tentative.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Rowan yearns for happiness he fears may never come. On an expedition to rescue the last of the prisoners held over from the war, he finds Keenan, the mate he’d been searching for his entire life. But their path is lined with impossible obstacles.

Rowan’s people would never accept the bastard son of the dark God at his side, and the threat of Roh Se Kahn brings a new war into their midst.

Will their love for each other be enough to conquer the hatred of Rowan’s people and destroy the dark forces of the God of Destruction?


Love Eternal

Life and death can be a blessing, but only love is eternal.

Dhani has never been afraid to love and hope freely with all his heart, despite the suffering he had endured growing up. Inadvertently drawn into a war that could bring about the annihilation of his kind by the God of Destruction, Roh Se Kahn, Dhani fiercely clung to his friendship with Keenan, the very son of the power-hungry god.

Dhani refuses to let Keenan battle alone against the cruelties of his father. It was his love for Keenan that gave him the courage to sacrifice himself in order to save his friend, trading his freedom for the dark prison realm he helped send Roh Se Kahn to, with no hope of ever returning to his former life.

Tailor, a loyal protector of the leader of the Ba’Kal, had already found and lost his mate. His guilt over his mate’s death causes him to foolishly spurn the one thing that could make him whole again—the impossible gift of a second chance in the form of a new mate, Dhani.

Imprisoned in an alternate realm with Roh Se Kahn, rage, anguish and a determination to save his new mate drives Dhani to break down the barriers surrounding his heart and learn to love again. However, Dhani’s past leads them both into a tangle web that will test just how far they’re willing to go for love, life and their bond as mates. 


Reader Advisory: These books contain scenes of violence, some graphic and one scene of attempted suicide. There are scenes of blood sharing, as well as references to torture, rape, attempted suicide and physical and sexual abuse of children.



General Release Date: 14th July 2020

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-063-3
Word Count: 224,123
Language: English
Pages: 800

About the author
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Nikki McCoy

I absolutely love escaping into my own little world of words. Anything can happen in a book, but usually I find the book writes itself. It lets me know the pace and heat, and I simply go along for the ride. Of course, the inspiration of my family helps out a lot! They give me the humor, love and passion I pour into my characters, making them come to life on the pages. I always know it’s going to be a good book when I find myself laughing and crying along with the characters.

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