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Alien Slave Masters Series

Samantha Cayto

Desperate humans fled an overcrowded Earth and believed they had found sanctuary on New World Colony 7. The Travians see them as invaders and have become reluctant occupiers of the pesky humans after a short war. When young men taunt and harass them, the Travians find a surprising use for the miscreants—they turn them into the sexual pets of their battleship officers.

Wid, Joel and Stuart are three young men who are among the first to face their fate as slaves. Not all of the Travians are happy with their gifts and the responsibility that having them brings. But there is no way to refuse. Now humans and Travians have to forge uneasy—and, for the humans, frightening—relationships. Some Travians exploit their pets, while others pamper them and find themselves lured surprisingly into love. For their part, the humans are drawn deeper into Travian culture and politics. They may be the last, best, hope for their colony’s freedom.


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