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Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors Serial

After earth is destroyed, the solitary Stride, a vampire with enhanced powers from his sorceress mother, escapes to the planet Nibiru, known by some as Planet X. There he meets Zero. Grieving from the loss of his lover, Zero is nonetheless not ready to become Stride’s blood slave. The planet is filled with menace related to Stride’s turbulent past, and magic forces are in play. The two are thrown together in a game of cat and mouse which Stride manages to win—at first.


A Human colony is also on the planet and in need of help from the two vampires. Zero learns that Stride’s rejection of all human sentiment is a defence mechanism and inside there is much more. Their growing attraction is initially felt by Zero who desperately fights against it. Stride succumbs to his feelings in a night of passion but runs hot and cold after as he struggles to remain the elusive vampire—protecting himself from his long-held pain from losing the werewolf he loved long ago.


Their passion eventually spirals out of control, leaving them both with the profound knowledge that they are meant for each other and are the true love of each other’s existence. At the same time, they will fight the forces who seek to create a new superior race, and protect the humans these forces seek to kill—destroying them both in the process. 

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