The Captain and the Squire

Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Captain and the Squire

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  Review by love bytes reviews

Tarquin Bough – pronounced Boff, not Bow, please and thank you very much- seems forever destined to be enemies with his next door neighbors, the Hardacres. The recently deceased Beardsley Hardacre was “a dreadful old git”, and his heir, Christian might turn out to be a different kind and even more of a pain. Because, of course, his new nemesis is insufferably gorgeous while Tarquin, engaged to Petunia, can’t allow himself to notice details like his neighbor’s detectable bum, squeezable, toned arms or kissable lips. review posted at

  Review by Trio

Smart and funny and just plain sexy, Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead’s standalone novel The Captain and the Squire is a total delight. Sparks fly when a closeted, uptight farmer comes face to face with his nemesis, a self-absorbed, freewheeling city-slicker. It’s clear the authors had a jolly good time writing this one, and they kept me in stitches from beginning to end!

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