Catherine Curzon

Catherine Curzon  is a royal historian who writes on all matters of 18th century. Her work has been featured on many platforms and Catherine has also spoken at various venues including the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, and Dr Johnson’s House.

Catherine holds a Master’s degree in Film and when not dodging the furies of the guillotine, writes fiction set deep in the underbelly of Georgian London.

She lives in Yorkshire atop a ludicrously steep hill.

You can follow Catherine on Facebook and Twitter and take a look at her Website.

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Reviews (16)

Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead knock it out of the park -- quite literally -- with the newest book in their Captivating Captains series. Though set in modern day, this story is quintesse...

it is astoundingly touching and beautifully portrayed. There is heartache, tender romance and danger all wrapped up in brilliant story. This is wonderful, a haunting tale of love found in the mo...

The Captains Ghostly Gamble is an amusing, dreamy and original romance that will keep you enchanted and riveted to the end. I love how even though this is a short story, there are two romances p...

I'm truly a sucker for tales from Curzon and Harkstead and the Captain's Cornish Christmas is a beautiful treat of all the best they have to offer. The story is a cozy, British scene that warms ...

You can not ask for a more cute, sexy, and completely awkward re-acquainting for childhood friends Jago and Sam. This short novella is an absolute treat from the minute Jago walks in on Sam havi...

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Siberian bear hunting suits or backing dancers for BDSM #Eurovision rockers, #Hatari? You decide.
 Tweeted 23/09/2019 10:56
Today’s “why is that person trending” worrying moment was #BruceSpringsteen. Happily it’s just his birthday!
 Tweeted 23/09/2019 10:42
The Kuwaiti Prime Minister flew over Yorkshire in his government A340 on Saturday, on route to a meeting of the UN!…
 Tweeted 23/09/2019 08:55
Gros Madame: Marie Clotilde of France was born #onthisday in 1759. #royal
 Tweeted 23/09/2019 08:35
The Scandalous Life of Princess Juliane of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.
 Tweeted 23/09/2019 03:25

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