Helter Skelter

L.M. Somerton

Customer & Industry Reviews of Helter Skelter

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  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

Those boys of the fairgrounds should know how to stay out of trouble by now, but they seem to have it called to them like a magnet. Harlequin is still around watching and after Garth and Stevie already being hurt, everyone is on guard. But Harlequin has fooled them all. After a rainy day and shutting everything down, everyone is expected to meet at a certain spot, but Harlequin fools Zach. Thinking he needs help, like he asked, Zach follows, but quickly finds out he’s being taken for a ride and he has no choice. Before Harlequin can do any major damage to get what he wants from Zach, Zach is rescued. But there are secrets being kept and it’s not realized until all three boys are caught by Harlequin again. full review on

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