The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper

Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper

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  Review by Frankie Reviews

it is astoundingly touching and beautifully portrayed. There is heartache, tender romance and danger all wrapped up in brilliant story. This is wonderful, a haunting tale of love found in the most unexpected and dangerous places between two characters, who are sensitive and courageous. Even though it is set right on the front with the war in the background, at a time where there was so much bloodshed and loss, the story is very much about Robert and Jack. It is very moving and beautifully written.

  Review by Heather York

Jack's desire to care for Apollo and Robert, Robert's desire to see Jack safe, Apollo's devotion to both men. Some might say its a little over the top in regards to love and sweetness in a time of war but I don't see it as OTT, I see it as living while you can. Afterall, this is work of fiction in a historical setting so there is definitely room for creative tampering and I think the author's balance accuracy with said tampering very well. This is a well written tale of historical love with intriguing characters, both main and secondary, filled to the brim with romance, drama, lust, desire, and enemies. Talking about enemies, I won't give anything away but let me just say that there is a couple of secondary characters in here that I longed to see them get what was coming to them but you'll have to read for yourself if they do ;). This is a lovely addition to my historical shelf.

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