Perfect Strangers

Edward Kendrick

Customer & Industry Reviews of Perfect Strangers

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  Review by Prism Book Alliance

I can recommend this book as a well-written, character driven story with surprisingly little angst and a nice touch of romance.

  Review by The Novel Approach

It was well written, easy to follow and emotional. I really enjoyed it and the New Orleans setting for this story, because I’ve been there and seen many of the mentioned places.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I think that Ralphael brings to the relationship love which is what Alden really wants. He helps Alden to realize that their is some evil in the world that cannot be forgiven just because Alden may want it too be. That sometimes evil is just that evil.

These two men make the other stronger and better and they complete each other. Good read.

  Review by Up All Night Read All Day

I love reading Edward Kendrick's stories! I love how Edward changes up his stories from sweet and loving to action and intrigue with a whole lotta sexy...

Another intriguing, mysterious and sexy story by Edward...Can't wait to read more...I'm hooked!!!! 5 stars

  Review by Literary Nymphs

Perfect Strangers is a detailed dark crime story with surprising twist and turns including a touch of romance. The plot is well written and well paced. The realistic characters are justified in their actions or not, depending on the reader’s point of view. 

Edward Kendrick has created a very impressive saga that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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