Something Shattered

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Something Shattered

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  Review by Redz World Reviews

Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford is an emotionally charged read that I could not put down. I loved how Ms. Bradford makes me really feel connected, and in love with her characters. I loved the story but its is the characters to this one that are completely unforgettable. I personally read a romance to fall in love, and this one does just that for me. I think a true romantic personality would love this book as much as I did. Both men are strong in their own ways, they each bring something special to the relationship, I like that. Equally intriguing and lovable, true must read. 

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I really loved the way this author handled this story and the way she wrote these two characters!
You do get your angst with this book and steam between these two men too! All together I really loved this story and I would recommend this book!

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I enjoyed this re-release by Bailey Bradford. There was enough love, and hot sex, so the drama didn't overwhelm me. It was a sweet, hot, love story between two men who really needed each other, even if they didn't know it.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Something Shattered was the perfect name for the book. That’s what first caught my eye, too!

The author did a great job in creating Caleb and painting his picture in my mind. 

Something Shattered is a good romance with passion and chemistry that has the potential to heat you up.

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Now that I’ve read a lot more of Bailey Bradford’s books I’ve been able to pinpoint what it is that appeals to me so about her writing. Well, three things; the characters are unique and even the ‘broken’ ones have a lot of inner strength, the unnecessary angst is minimal, I hate angst just for the sake of it and her guys rarely have miscommunication issues that aren’t in the ‘normal’ range, so the stories move forward all the time. And finally, her characters really know how to talk dirty and I eat up every word with a big spoon and an even bigger grin.

  Review by GGR Review

But when the couple did fall in bed with each other, whew. I thought my kindle my catch on fire! What do they say about the quiet ones? Yep, that is Caleb. Intense and sensual, these two together were amazing.

Because they both have their issues, there is definitely some drama and heart break ahead for them both. And while it wasn’t wrapped up neatly with a pretty bow, it was still a very satisfying ending to the book.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

I really liked this book because the real life issues were not glossed over, they were dealt with. The violence that happens in life can be random, sometimes you do everything right and you still are a victim. It’s how you work through the emotional scaring that matters. Caleb come across as a weak person in the beginning but as you read and follow what he has gone through you come to realize how utterly strong he truly is. Jesse comes across just like he is, the strong caring man, who wants to help. They really are made for each other.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Spine tingling tension builds as readers follow Caleb's road to recovery with the help of a very sexy police officer but some tension from Jesse's work causes friction and excitement, adding adrenaline pumping suspense to the story. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination while the intriguing plot and personal conflict ensures that the readers want to know every last detail with some unexpected twists and conflict with other characters adding spice. The story is one of courage and triumph as well as one hot and sexy romance. I was totally captivated by Caleb's story and glued to the pages until the very end. 

  Review by Achaeolibrarian

This is a heart-warming and poignant story, that details brilliants the effects of an attack on a person and how debilitating they can be. It is a story of hope, of love, and yes, of hot and steamy sex too. Being well-written and with a steady pace, you are drawn into the story and the lives of these two men, who seem to face incredible odds and yet still are there for each other. Definitely recommended for all fans of M/M Romance.

  Review by Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

i always love a good hurt/comfort story. Throw in a cop and that’s a cherry on top. This story was an easy, sexy read, with two very likable main characters in the sexy, closeted police officer Jesse and the mysterious, traumatized Caleb. Overall I really liked the story and characters, the sex scenes were both steamy and sweet.

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