The Officer and the Gentleman

J.P. Bowie

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Officer and the Gentleman

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  Review by Tony Tanner

J.P. Bowie's story takes place in England in the mid-1850's, a time when liasons between two gay men were to be confined behind closed doors and kept under wraps. Such is the case when the young, wealthy Scott, Robert McDonald and the very handsome Captain Charles Wentworth, officer of the British Cavalry, meet at a local soiree given by London socialite Lady Hadden. The mutual attraction the two men feel for one another is immediate and intense, manifested in a night of passionate lovemaking at Robert's hotel room later that evening. From here, Bowie takes us on a heart warming journey, as the newly-formed lovers share their sometimes heartbreaking pasts. They travel to Charles' childhood home in Cornwall, their visit culminating in a powerful romantic scene atop an ocean rock, with both waves and hearts pounding in wild ecstacy. Fast forward to Balaclava, Russia where Charles has been summoned to join British forces in a bloody battle against the Russians. After many agonizing weeks, Robert receives word that Charles may be amoung the wounded at a hospital in Scutari, Turkey. Robert makes the difficult journey, only to find Charles so wounded and shell-shocked that he has no memory or recollection of his past. As the final emotion-filled chapter draws to a close, J.P. Bowie reminds us of how love's power and faith can overcome even life's most difficult challenges. This is a dramatic love epic that will surely stir your heart and lift your soul.

  Review by Coffee Time Romance

5 out of 5! J.P. Bowie does what so few m/m authors have done and made the story more about emotional love than physical passion.

  Review by Tina

The Officer and the Gentleman absolutely blew me away. Mr. Bowie has created a beautiful set of characters in this story. The tenderness that Robert shows literally brought me to tears. Romantic and endearing as ever, J.P. has written yet another fantastic book.

  Review by Kimberley Spinney

JP Bowie draws you into his stories with delightful characters that make you want to have them come and stay in your own home. I wanted Robert and Charles to come and stay as long as they wanted. I loved how Robert goes and seeks out his companion after hearing that he is missing and takes care of him no matter what other people thinks. The ups and downs that Robert had to go through is something that we might have to face everyday. I loved this book and not because JP is one of my favorite authors but because he brings the love straight to you and you feel loved through his story to us. Great job, JP!

  Review by Night Owl Romance Reviews

The Officer and The Gentleman has wonderful sex scenes filled with humor and novelty. It's well written and the super hot and sexy sex will have you feeling flushed.

  Review by Rainbow Reviews

4.5! If you have a hankering for an old-fashioned romance laced with hot sex, I highly recommend J.P. Bowie's The Officer and the Gentleman." I guarantee you'll be as swept away as I was by this love for all time.

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