Journey to Lobster Cove

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Journey to Lobster Cove

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  Review by Love Bytes

I enjoyed seeing Cullen and Joseph get their story, the drama with their individual stories was good, as well as their history together. I loved the slow build to their sexual relationship, that fit in very well considering their pasts. I can see the potential here and I’m a happy girl! This was one of the best CV books I’ve read for a while. The writing was very good, the drama was perfect, the plot was interesting, and I can’t wait for the next book! If you are a fan of the Cattle Valley books, you are in for a treat. 

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

So if you like Millionaires (or billionaires) sexy gym workers, ex-priests that run homeless boys shelters, and are looking for a new series to follow this is for you. Oh, don’t forget some hot man-sex!

  Review by Divine Magazine

Carol Lynne wrote this book perfectly for me. I love a HEA, the author always delivers just what I want. I found this book very sweet but with a lot of depth that we always get from this series. 

  Review by Literary Nymphs Reviews

The overall pacing is steady, there are plenty of emotions, some action and the change of locale brings in some interesting new characters. I  foundJourney to Lobster Cove entertaining, and hoping for a new series gives me something to look forward to. Enjoy.

  Review by The Blogger Girls

For those loyal Cattle Valley fans, grab this book and continue the journey eastward. I guarantee you will enjoy the trip.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I have read and enjoyed all of the books in the Cattle Valley series, but I especially like the concept of Lobster Cove. It still boggles my mind that Asa can afford to buy an entire town! I'm looking forward to reading about its development and meeting the new characters which will surely be coming and, hopefully, visiting with some of the Cattle Valley folks as well. 

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