Man Candy

Samantha Cayto

Customer & Industry Reviews of Man Candy

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  Review by Sinfully Sexy Reviews

I’m a sexual tension girl and Samantha Cayto kept a palpable feeling of ST throughout the book, which started in the opening chapter and kept going through to the finish, leaving me very satisfied on that front. I enjoyed this so much!

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews


Man Candy is a great story about two people who are trying to find their way in life. 


I liked this story because you really felt like the characters really cared about each other. What was to start out as a fling grew into something more. The trust that Alex immediately gave to Brent and how much Brent couldn’t stay away from Alex helped show their true feelings. They were constantly looking out for each other. Overall, it was a good quick read that kept you interested on what was going to happen between the two.

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