Walkin' After Midnight

Hank Edwards

Customer & Industry Reviews of Walkin' After Midnight

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews


I really liked this story. I found all the characters intriguing and interesting, especially Gavin.


I did find the story very heartfelt and sweet. A player that finally meets his match and a man who knows what he wants but thinks he is dating someone else. Yes, it’s very complicated and twisted emotionally but with a warm feel good ending. 

  Review by Top 2 Bottom Reviews

The story left me totally satisfied and it definitely read like a longer novel. I can easily recommend Walkin’ After Midnight…

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If you like stories about men who tend to mess everything up because they are a little more cowardly than they'd like to admit to themselves before they finally man up, if you enjoy dramatic scenes with lots of very fun secondary characters, and if you're looking for a read that will have your head spin with all the connections and pseudo connections between several men, then you will probably enjoy this short story. I think it's a great mix between hilarious and (almost) sappily romantic.


Reviewed by Serena

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