Yes, Forever: Part Five

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Yes, Forever: Part Five

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The final installment. It's great to look back over the story as a whole and see the growth and changes in John as he really takes control of his life.

  Review by Customer

I have been a fan of this serial from the beginning. I have enjoyed watching John and Benji's relationship grow from just being friends into something more. In Part 5, it has a more serious tone than the other parts do, and I believe that is because of the topics that are talked about. We are able to learn more about John's past, and his battle with his depression. Out of that part, the one thing that I did like was how Bailey showed that John's family was there to support him in that battle. Having suffered from depression, I do know that it is an uphill battle, and I think that Bailey was able to show that in this book. I can't wait to see what else is in store for John and Benji in the future after reading this part. I think that after John revealing his past, that only good things can come to the two of them together!

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