In the News: Run with the Moon

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Bailey Bradford - Rude Magazine feature

The older I get, the more I like myself. I’ve always believed that my life is a work in progress—I don’t apply my beliefs to everyone else. As such, I’ve worked hard on being someone I love instead of looking like someone who should be loved. What I mean by that is this: Society, Hollywood, the media, so many sources, they push these ideal women at us. They are thin and flawless, and that’s supposed to be what we look toward being ourselves.

Bailey Bradford - Cara Sutra feature

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is the lovely Bailey Bradford who has written scores of hot, erotic titles for Totally Bound. Welcome into the spotlight Bailey!

Bailey Bradford - Exclusive Author feature for Run with the Moon

How is this series different to your other shifter series?

First off, it’s set in the future—the post-apocalyptic future! The idea of writing in such a time scared me, which meant I was going to do it. I love a challenge. So it’s set in the future, and humanity has almost managed to wipe itself out. There’re no luxuries, no electricity or gas or medicine like there used to be. It’s been a harsh change for humans and they aren’t doing so well. Shifters, however, are flourishing. The two species don’t associate with each other. That starts to change with this book.

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