Lupa Garneau

Lupa Garneau is a romance and erotica author in both the gay and straight genres. She lives in Chicago—home of the best music scene on the planet!—with her Doberman Danni, and mew, Ollie.


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Lupa Garneau - Female First feature

Whenever I tell people that I write, I get the usual response-oh, cool. What do you write? A long second of trepidation follows as I try to graciously explain that I write about hot guys getting it on with each other. I have learned to endure the dubious looks and silent questions passed my way.

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Reviews (10)

Together, these characters just might find the passion to heal their ravaged hearts in this moving paranormal m/m romance. The author has created a hidden world inside our own that exi...

Primal Desire sets up this series wonderfully, and gives the reader a refreshing spin on the shifter sub-genre.  The characters, both main and secondary, are well written, and Cole and Ne...
A steady pace and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense and passion. The reader can’t help but get caught up in Nexhan and Cole’s emotionally gripping story as both of th...

Mystical. Intense.  Compelling.  The first story in the Children of Shairobi series opens with suspenseful drama and sensuality in Primal Desire.  Elements of other...

What an interesting read; there's an old saying it's those who feels it that knows it. In Cherchi's case he has to now learn to live with being less than what he once was. The relationship betwe...

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