Destiny Moon

Romance heroines have saved my sanity numerous times through break-ups and life changes. I find escaping into a romance both soothing and revitalizing—and even better when there are some steamy scenes to tantalize the imagination.

For most of my adult life, I’ve concentrated on carving out a serious career, but a number of love-hungry, sassy characters keep taking over my mind, insisting that I daydream, live vicariously through them and tell their stories. Watching these women emerge on the page gives me a different sort of satisfaction than I get from my day job. It is a joy to share them with readers.

I live in a tiny apartment in a crowded city and I like to think there is something romantic about this. I did manage to find my soul mate here.


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Destiny Moon - Female First feature

It's almost inevitable that the grocery store is where you'll run into the guy who got away. It's Murphy's Law: your guard is down, you're in yoga pants, maybe humming a song to yourself while you're looking at cake mixes.


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Destiny Moon - Cara Sutra feature

Thanks for having me on Cara Sutra today and for asking me to tell your readers more about who I am. Why don’t I launch into it with how I got into erotic romance?

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Reviews (5)

This was a fun, spicy short story. There wasn't much to it other than a sweet, hot girl-meets-girl story. Rachel and Mavis are both likable, and their time together...

Rachel is celebrating Pride the way it should be! With lots of kisses. A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss is hot and sweet.

I thought this book was pretty sexy. Rachel’s intense desire for Mavis made their unions electric. I’ve probably read a handful of f/f books so far, and this was far more erotic than the oth...

This is a story that manages to be cute, sexy and supremely erotic all at once. Let’s just say this is a very hot, well-written Sapphic read that’s ideal for fans of lesbian erotic romance s...

Rachel and Mavis had an incredible amount of chemistry that didn’t waste any time showing up in the storyline. It was fun to see the first sparks fly between them so quickly! I really liked se...

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