By Megan Slayer

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He demands his submissive’s body and soul…but can he accept his sub’s heart?

Roddy Green never planned to fall in love and certainly not with his Dom, but every time he goes into Darkness, a fetish club, he falls for Vegas all over again. Being in love isn’t the same as being loved in return. Vegas is there to do a job—not to build a romance. But what if the main constant in Roddy’s life is also the one person he can’t live without?

Andrew Vegas knows his job. He’s a Dom. But there is more than one side to him and he’s tired of keeping the other parts of him hidden. One man makes him feel safe and comfortable enough to open up—his pet, Roddy. But will Roddy, the producer of a local news broadcast, want to be with a man with secrets? 

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to light knifeplay.

Publisher's Note: This book contains characters who also appear in Permanent. 

General Release Date: 21st July 2015

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Book Information
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Heat Rating: Burning  
Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-638-0
Sexometer: 2  
Word Count: 30,306
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 90

About the author
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Megan Slayer

When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind.

When she’s not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school. She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best. The cabana boys are willing to serve, unless she needs them. She always need them. So be nice to Javier or he will bite--on command. She also writes under the name of Wendi Zwaduk

Reviews (9)
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  Reviewed by Redz World

I would describe Constant as a beautiful powerful read. I love when BDSM brings another layer and deeper connection to characters. Ms. Slayer makes me love her character and wan...

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  Reviewed by Long and Short Reviews

This was a sweet story about taking that chance on love. Roddy and Vegas work well together and make a good couple. They are both strong men who know what they want. Although each has been hurt in th...

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Megan Slayer - BTSe Mag feature

Do I have your attention? Are you wondering what mood I’m talking about? My name is Megan Slayer and I write hot books. Really hot books. The longer I write, the more I realize trying to close the bedroom door just isn’t going to work. My characters like to embrace the naughty side. And me? I go along for the ride!

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Megan Slayer - Exclusive author feature

What can we expect from Constant?

This is the story of two men realizing they aren’t so different after all. There are ups, downs and hot sex included. Roddy needs to relax and the only way he can is with Vegas at Darkness, but a television personality isn’t supposed to visit a BSDM club. Unless the personality is Roddy. He’s unashamed. Vegas has his own complexities that are revealed in the story. Once he peels back all of his layers, he’s worried Roddy won’t want to stick around. Things could get messy, but that’s how Roddy and Vegas like it.

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