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Threads of Fate Series

Tom Crampton

The Threads of Fate series spans continents, revealing the Georgian splendour of the city of Bath, England, and the gleaming facade of opulent life in Los Angeles, California.

Can a chance meeting at a train station blossom into something more, when fate throws Christopher and Daniel together for a second time, months later? When Daniel asks Christopher to accompany him on a trip to Los Angeles that will reunite Daniel with his estranged father, loyalties are tested, as all is not as it seems.

We are then taken back to relive the stark reality of growing up in post war Britain though the 50’s – 70’s…

When Daniel’s father Alex looks back upon his life, can he remember a time when his younger self ever felt truly happy? Now successful and wealthy in LA, Alex can’t help but obsess about his previous life back in England. Have the questionable choices he’s made been the right ones, and can he now reconcile himself with the past and finally start looking forward to the future?

Before walking along dusty tracks through the sun dappled olive groves, that grow at the foot of the village of Cardo, Spain.

Brash, arrogant and self confident, Oliver has swaggered his way through life taking exactly what he wants. He’s a wealthy successful art dealer who travels the world with a boy waiting for him in every port. With his 50th birthday on the horizon, a series of events causes Oliver to realise that everything he took for granted is now in jeopardy. After a life changing incident, Oliver starts to question the man he’s become, and realises he needs to decide what is really important in his life.

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