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The Wyverns Series

L.M. Somerton

With a reputation akin to a nest of pit vipers with attitude, The Wyverns raise hell and leave chaos in their wake. Forced together because the alternatives are worse, they form the ultimate dysfunctional family. But how did this bunch of badass bikers end up baking in the arid heat of southern Arizona?

Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a biker by the patches on his leathers. Behind the intimidating façade, The Wyverns are organised, intelligent and committed to relieving the cartels of their wealth. Ejected from various branches of law enforcement and the military, they share a healthy disregard for authority and a collective appreciation of the male anatomy. They also have the skills to make crime pay—talents recognised by the shady, manipulative bastard called Trap who pulls their strings from behind the scenes.

The Wyverns are expendable. Surviving in their world takes guts and gritty determination. Little wonder that the attractions of BDSM appeal to men that live their lives on a knife-edge. But even those who crave the adrenaline rush of danger search for the one elusive soul mate that makes life worth living. This series follows the members of The Wyverns as they risk everything for love.


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