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Of Blood and Spirit Series

Nikki McCoy

For thousands of years, the Bassen’kir lived in peace with each other and the land. Born of the Goddess, Miel Se Luuda, they possessed many powers granted them by her light.

Then, one day, that peace came to an end when a great conflict between the two heirs to the throne divided their people. One heir forced his followers to abandon the act of drinking blood while the other decreed that his followers give up their spirits, and with them, the ability to shift their shapes.

Miel Se Luuda was given no other choice except to alter her perfect creation to ensure their survival. One half she blessed with strength and speed through the ingestion of human blood, who came to identify themselves as Vam’kir. To the other, she gave strength and life through the exchange of their forms for those of their spirits, who called themselves Ba’Kal.

The war between the new races raged on for two millennia until a small group of warriors decided to end the hatred of their people. Though they hold strong to their determination, many innocents will be caught in the crosshairs and many lives lost, but they can’t give up. The fate of their races rely on the bonds of friendship and love they form, and it is only through those bonds they can defeat the coming storm of evil.

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