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Keepers of the Gods Series

Nikki McCoy

The energy of life abounds in ways most turn a blind eye to. For Keepers, however, it is the nourishment of their souls and the guiding force by which they live their lives. A race born with the ability to absorb energy from all living things, Keepers live proudly yet peacefully in a symbiotic relationship with their Gods. In exchange for the offerings of energy that sustain their celestial beings, the Gods in turn aid Keepers throughout their lives.

But what happens when the power of energy isn't enough for one God? Driven by his insatiable hunger for more, the God of Death will do whatever it takes to control his brothers and sisters. Creating offspring more powerful than God and Keeper alike, Death uses his own sons to carry out his plans. It is up to a group of dedicated Keepers to put an end to Death's bid for dominance while saving their mates from the sadistic means of the God who will stop at nothing to gain power over all.

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