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Bound to the Spirits Series

T. Strange

Harlan Brand is a medium tasked with protecting the city of Toronto from ghosts, helped by his partner, Hamilton. He has to cope with his anxiety and insecurity as he transitions from his previously sheltered life to living on his own.

His boyfriend, Charles Moore, owns a BDSM club, Rattling Chains. Harlan is first drawn to Charles because he’s attracted to him, but he later learns that Charles has a unique ability to block ghosts when he’s around Harlan. For Harlan, who has been afraid of the ghosts around him his whole life, Charles’ protection is very comforting. Charles is very patient and caring and helps Harlan see his self-worth.

Charles also introduces Harlan to real-life BDSM, bringing Harlan’s longings and fascination with the lifestyle out of the realm of fantasy and into love as their relationship deepens and grows throughout the series.

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