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Demon Daddy Series

KD Ellis

In a world where Supernaturals and Blanks—humans with no magical ability—live in an uneasy peace, the only thing standing between it and all out war is the Bureau of Arcane Activit—the BAA.

Leviathan, one of the few Blood Demon's allowed to remain on Earth after the Collapse, spends most of his free time at his estate in Brekkan, researching for his books. He loves being called to consult with the BAA, hunting rogue demon's down and sending them home with their tails between their legs. When he gets called to Old York about a series of unexplainable portals, though, the last thing he expects is for everything to go to hell...literally. Can his burgeoning relationship with his new feeder, Eryn, survive the fallout?

Join Leviathan, Eryn, and their supernatural allies as they stand together against one of the greatest threats they've ever faced. 

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