Vagabond Heart

A.J. Llewellyn

Customer & Industry Reviews of Vagabond Heart

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  Review by Blackraven Reviews

Vagabond Heart by AJ Llewellyn is a deeply moving and highly compelling novel...The novel is bittersweet and sometimes heartbreaking, but Tinder and Jason's relationship is pure romance, and Mr. Llewellyn leaves his readers eagerly anticipating th

  Review by Two Lips Reviews

As a World War II history buff, I read every World War II romance I can get my hands on. Vagabond Heart, the opening salvo in A. J. Llewellyn's new Pearl Harbour series, is one of the most interesting, intriguing and thoroughly captivating WWII romance

  Review by Bella

Let me start off by saying they never taught us this in School.I didn't know that the American government and some Hawaiian officials took the way the rights of woman and men they themselves hired to sell themselves to navel and other military branches that came through.You don't have to agree with or like prostitution but you need to see the bigger picture or at least the one that I came to understand by the end of this book.These men and woman(I am in agreement that there had to be male prostitutes too)offered something that was needed greatly during this time. Many of these men died during this war either at Pearl Harbor or overseas. During their brief layover in Hawaii these men and woman offered love companionship and unquestioning understanding. Most of the woman came where brought in from Cali some were native Hawaiian's others were just whomever else was there.These men and woman had three minutes to keep the line moving(hence the term minute men) Many came back time and time again and because of this they got to know them and confided their fears and their dreams to these men and woman.These men and woman where a life line to young men just starting out as men in a war that was one of the bloodiest and scariest at that time in a lot of cases all they had.Immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor these same men and woman worked tirelessly side by side with everyone else to house and help the wounded in any way they could some even putting them at risk to do so.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If I had to sum up the feelings this book has left me with, it would be deeply touched and slightly overwhelmed. Tinder's story is full of vivid detail, and the historical truth behind his situation as a prostitute makes everything that happens all the more poignant... Reading this book was like travelling back in time. The care A.J. Llewellyn took in researching the details [...] shows throughout. The Hawaii of 1941 comes alive. I absolutely loved it. Bravo!

  Review by Customer

AJ Llewellyn has written a beauty of a book here...This was a great read, and I look forward to reading the next books in this series. Great, great job!

  Review by Book Wenches

4.5 out of 5! I'm not a fan of war stories � not books or movies or History Channel specials � but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Vagabond Heart. It mixes gritty realism, poignancy, and historical detail with the beauty of Hawaii and in

  Review by Queer Magazine Online

The care AJ Llewellyn took in researching the details, as he mentions in his foreword, shows throughout...Even though much of the story is bittersweet, and the ending is unsure (since there are to be sequels), I absolutely loved it and can't wait for t

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