A String of Lights

Alexa Milne

Customer & Industry Reviews of A String of Lights

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  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

Dev enjoyed working with his Uncle Sid doing electrical work far better than the plumbing stint he did with his own father. Since his parent’s divorce he and his dad had drifted apart and the constant harping his dad heaped on him while he tried to measure up was too much for Dev to handle But still, living at home and adrift in terms of a relationship or direction for his future, Dev is just getting by…until he meets Henry full review:

  Review by denise carter

I kind of live for the holiday stories every year. I am definitely an HEA, low angst, reader. I don't mind insta-love, and definitely want some of the fluffy reads. Keep them coming, I say.This one, although not quite insta-love, qualifies for me as one of those types of stories. Dev doesn't mind working for his uncle, although you can tell it isn't his dream job, but putting up the lights...that he really enjoys. Meanwhile, Henry, with money he received from lottery winnings found this estate that spoke to him and did everything he could to fix it up, make it a place for tourists to come, and locals to feel at home, all in secret. I loved that Dev was confident in himself, he never felt like he wasn't worthy of someone's affections. Meanwhile Henry, besides his millionaire side, also had a little bit of a bad boy side underneath his sweet little sweaters.This story gave me such joy.

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