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C F White

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  Review by Smut Librarian

I should have put aside a whole day for reading Love & Tea Bags by CF White as I read it in a single sitting! so engaging, I couldn’t put it down (except, of course to make another cup of tea). Bradley is a free-spirited Australian staying with his much older cousin in the UK after advice from his kooky Grandmother about where his destiny lay. Bradley is sweet and adorable, so pure in his faith of fate and sure of his destiny. Mark is set in his ways and typifies the eccentric Britishness while showing a stiff upper lip. He is living in a rut and he keeps his love of tea as his only heart’s desire. When Bradley arrives, Mark denies their attraction because there’s no way such a young and gorgeous man could ever be interested in him… This book had me sheepishly giggling through the entire story. The witty banter and delightful characters with their adorable awkwardness is highly amusing. a quirky and hilarious read with fantastic inner dialogue should grab this hot read.

  Review by Love bytes Reviews

I really enjoyed this sort of quirky, very British, opposites attract story. Brad and Mark are both very sweet characters. Mark has sort of given up on things and Brad has spent time looking for love in the wrong places. They both need a little help and direction and they find it in each other. Both have been hurt in the past or were taken advantage of, so there is a genuine reason for reluctance. Mark really is a hoot though with his inner verbal dialogue that provides a great deal of comic relief. In addition, the supporting cast of Macy, Damian and even Mark’s proper, yet over-sharing mother keep the plot moving as well Read the full review at

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