Strokes on a Canvas

H. Lewis-Foster

Customer & Industry Reviews of Strokes on a Canvas

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  Review by Heather

Historicals are an absolute favorite of mine and personally I don't think there is enough set in the 1920s so when I find one I gobble it up. Strokes on a Canvas is a wonderful little tale of post-war existence. H Lewis-Foster's attention to detail shows respect for the past but don't think this novella reads as a history lesson because even with the little detail accuracies this is still a romance that made me smile and warmed my heart.

  Review by Elaine White

Strokes on a Canvas is a short but delightful historical romance set in the 1920's. With incredible attention to the historical period, engaging characters and a clearly established chemistry between the two MC's, there was nothing about this book I didn't like...except that it ended far too soon. I cried. I laughed. I fell in love with this beautiful story of two hearts that were clearly meant for each other, finally find a home together. * And I'd absolutely love to see Jeremy and Timmy cross paths. ~ Favourite Quotes “He tried to stay awake, to enjoy the touch of Milo’s skin, the sweet scent of his hair and the sound of his breathing, but Evan soon joined him in his slumber, where he dreamed of long summer days with Milo on the sun-warmed sands that Homer and Plato once knew.”

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

One of my favorite parts of this story is the quiet, low-key reveal of gay life for men in the 1920s. Though it did have to be kept hidden, it certainly existed, and I like how a man of Milo’s more privileged class was happy to introduce a more innocent Evan to the community. I like his group of colorful queer friends who carve spaces for themselves in a judgmental world. Evan and Milo’s relationship is portrayed as nothing but normal, even if they can’t be public about it—they’re just a regular couple in love. see the rest of the review at

  Review by Lena Grey

A charming historical romance with all the cultural considerations of two men in the 1920s in Britain. I enjoyed witnessing Evan and Milo’s relationship through good and bad and was always rooting for them to work it out, even when things seemed hopeless. Thanks, H. Lewis-Foster, for giving them a happy ending. For a full review please go to:

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