The Captain's Cornish Christmas

Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Captain's Cornish Christmas

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  Review by Ruby

I'm truly a sucker for tales from Curzon and Harkstead and the Captain's Cornish Christmas is a beautiful treat of all the best they have to offer. The story is a cozy, British scene that warms even this cynical America's cold hands, the romance a quick, witty delight, and how can we overlook the cat companion that made my own furry friend jealous of my attentions? I read nearly the entire story over breakfast and don't regret a moment of it--the ultimate holiday treat! * An advanced reader copy was provided for my honest review *

  Review by Heather York

You can not ask for a more cute, sexy, and completely awkward re-acquainting for childhood friends Jago and Sam. This short novella is an absolute treat from the minute Jago walks in on Sam having a "cozy" lie-in scaring the beejeesus out of him leaving him with his backside up in the air bare and a black eye to boot till you swipe the last page. This is only the second story in the Captivating Captains series that I have actually read but they are all on my Kindle and look forward to catching up and for further entries as well. These are standalone entries and can be read in any order, so if The Captain's Cornish Christmas is your first you won't be disappointed and know that even though it may be short on pages it is jam packed with sweet-spicy goodness that is perfect for the holiday season and really quite yummy for anytime of year.

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