Caught in the Crossfire

Michael Mandrake

Customer & Industry Reviews of Caught in the Crossfire

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  Review by debbiereadsbook

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine. This is book 3 in the PROTEKT series. I have not read books one, On The Run, or book 2, Closely Guarded and I think maybe I should have done. While everything becomes clearer as to what's happening in THIS book, I wanted to know BEFORE. I wanted to know how Tryst came to PROTEKT, how the others guys knew just what he was really up to. I NEEDED that information, and it isn't fully recapped here. I liked how it all played out, LOVED who the informant was! Did not see that one coming! Loved that the bad guy gets his come-uppence, and by whom! Well played there, Mr Mandrake, very well played. Thank you, Mr Mandrake, for an enjoyable 75 minutes. 4 solid stars (but had I all the information, might have been 5!)

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