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Gen Ryan

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  Review by Heather York

This is a perfect read for lovers of baseball but the heat between Flynn & Sean make this an equally perfect read for those who may not be fans of the game but are fans of a well written tale of forbidden love. Okay, "forbidden" may be too strong a word but crossing that line between therapist & client may not be morally doable but it certainly adds the right dash of spice. As for Flynn & Sean, well its pretty obvious that their attraction is there from the very first meeting & although I would have loved to seen their story grow with perhaps more time & to see where their future lead, there is only so much you can put into a short tale. Quite frankly I found it to be the perfect length, now having said that if we were to revisit the pair & see where they are five or ten years down the road I would be first in line to read it but if this is all we see of the boys, its a well written tale that put a smile on my face & I can't ask for more.

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