Driven to The Edge

L.M. Somerton

Customer & Industry Reviews of Driven to The Edge

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  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

An absolutely delightful addition to the series, Lu! Thank you for bringing me a peek back into the lives of four of my very favorite guys. Way to leave to me hanging at the end, by the way. I hope I don't have to wait another year for that plot line to be revealed!

  Review by Wicked Reads

This is book seven of the series, and whilst haven't read them all, they definitely follow on from each other, so it is to be advised. Long standing issues are revisited, and dynamics are better understood that way.

Having read the blurb, I was on tenterhooks whenever Olly was in a scene...and then there is a twist...great plotting! I love the carefully chosen level of detail in these books, which gives the reader a good sense of the man, without needing more. The relationship that both the main couples have is interestingly different, yet reassuringly constant. There is a good mix of intense, funny, and loving, running throughout the story. If you like to read D/s then you will recognise the emotions and enjoy the scenes. This felt like a book which cemented what we had seen start in Reaching the Edge.

Thank you Ms. Somerton, I am now looking forward to the next installment!

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