The Art of Living

Cassidy Ryan

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Art of Living

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  Review by Gay Book Reviews

I have to take a second and say that I am such a fan of this series even though they are short stories. I love short stories but I normally do not read them if they are a series because it feels like it takes forever to get the next book even it doesn’t. But with this series so far I just could not resist and had to read it after reading of the description of first book one and now book two.

I really enjoyed this read as I normally do with anything I read by Cassidy Ryan. 

  Review by The Blogger Girls

These are two very different, but very likable guys who come from different backgrounds. Together they confront and then learn to put that past behind them and create a new normal and brighter future. It was enjoyable and I liked checking in with the guys, Theo and Asa, from book one.

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