Choosing Home

Alexa Milne

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Healing,accepting, loving. What a perfect tale. 

Zac is so patient, Seth, so broken, but it’s not a sad cry ever page book, it’s all about healing, finding joy, love, laughter. Everyone, has such a perfect role to play, the brother, the best-friend, the cook, even the ex-BF.

The ending was more beautiful and when the step family got the ‘just deserts’ at the end!

And we got our HEA, swoon!

  Review by The Novel Approach

This series of Alexa Milne’s is about so much more than being true to yourself. It is about persons with disabilities and how they cope with that, written in a brutal and honest way; it’s a look through their eyes into what they deal with every day.

At its heart this is a romance. A hardcore, deep, abiding romance. And even though the story can be uncomfortable at times, the slow burn of the attraction Zac and Seth have for each other, and their individual indomitable spirts, shine through.

  Review by Diverse Reader

I loved this story! The author created a very touching and moving story not just about love but of acceptance of oneself and the importance of getting the help you need, even from a professional...I will definitely be reading Alexa’s books again and glad I went on this journey with Zac and Seth.

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