Leading Me Home

Megan Linden

Customer & Industry Reviews of Leading Me Home

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  Review by Archaeolibrarian

This novella has it all - friendship, romance, it has some hot scenes without being gratuitous, and it has definitely left me wanting more. Absolutely adored this book and I'm looking forward to returning to Harrington Hills as soon as I can. Highly recommended.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

This is a quick read with some fun, lighthearted moments but, there’s some intensity here as well. Kevin’s lone wolf had to work through his issues and Taylor had to recognize what his wolf knew all along. Home comes in many forms. I enjoyed this short and look forward to seeing who comes next in the Harrington Hills series.

  Review by Molly Lolly Reviews

This story was short and sweet and definitely worth the read. I enjoyed how these two talked about their feelings and what they wanted before either of them got to the point of a needless break up or “miscommunication”. Taylor and Kevin are so good together. You can feel Kevin’s feelings quickly. But watching Taylor as he slowly saw Kevin in a brand new light was fabulous. That back and forth tension within Taylor’s head was so well written.
I really enjoyed the pack Ms. Linden created. You meet so many characters in this story you can’t help but want more. I look forward to reading more in this series, and by this author, in the future.

  Review by Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

If you are looking for a story that is full of angst and leaves you reaching for the tissues to dry your eyes – this ain’t it. It has its heart in the mouth moments, but mostly, Leading Me Home, is a charming best friends story with the addition of werewolves, that, by the end of it, had me snuggling my teddy bear (in a good homey, not purvey way). The sexual tension between Kevin and Taylor is palpable, well written, and easy flowing with just enough, will they won’t they hooks to keep me reading. Whether Kevin and Taylor, did, you’ll have to read the book to find out.


  Review by Sexy For Review

Megan Linden delivered a very sweet and charming friends to lovers’ story in Leading Me Home.
Both men created a bond of friendship that upon being nurtured, soon turned to love.

Ms. Linden wrote with careful hand as the relationship simmered and built slowly, instead of the usual fast track to sex. Taylor and Kevin were likeable and I was immediately drawn into their lives.
The secondary characters were well-developed and I enjoyed Mom A and Mom B. Ms. Linden gave some back story on the two women’s lives and I hope we learn more in subsequent books.
Overall a sweet tale.

  Review by TBR Pile

 It’s an easy to read, gentle love story with great main characters and a good plot. It hits all of the points it needed to

  Review by Diverse Reader

This was a love story. Not a suspenseful shifter story of villains and predators. It was about two wolves learning to love each other. About allowing yourself to want things and accepting it when you get it. It’s a story of family, strength, and understanding. A very enjoyable story.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This is a sweet simple tale from an author I’m not sure I’ve read before but will be on the look out for more in the future.

I really enjoyed ‘watching’ these two learn each other during the two weeks prior to the wedding and then a little after. This wasn’t your typical wolf/mate story. Neither knew what they really meant to each other. We got to follow the learning of each other, the first kiss, the first run. The ups and downs. Which to me made this one extra special.

Watching these two grow into a beautiful relationship was very fulfilling.

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Leading Me Home was a treat to read. It’s very much a character driven story and those are my favorite...I’m definitely going to be reading the next in the series. I’m hoping it’s going to be about Deputy Zach and the young carpenter. That sounds delish.

  Review by Redz World

That is when they find out friendship can lead to love.
This story is very emotionally charged. Has a true romantic spirit to it which I love. This is the kind of story that made me fall in love with romance novels to begin with. Lots of love, MM, and shifters just makes it perfect. I hope there are many more books in the Harrington Hills series. I know I will be in line to read them. 

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