Racing Hearts

Bailey Bradford, Morticia Knight, L.M. Somerton, Molly Ann Wishlade, Ethan Stone & Helena Maeve

Customer & Industry Reviews of Racing Hearts

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

 Racing Hearts is a great assortment of stories by some very talented authors. Here are stories in many genres from contemporary, historical, cowboys, mystery and at different heat levels…you name it you should find something you like.

  Review by Love Bites and Silk Ties

It's not often that I read an anthology that picks a theme and covers every possible connotation of that theme. This anthology about racing horses and the lives and loves of the people connected to the industry delivers just that. You will find cowboys and grooms, blacksmiths and jockeys, owners and vets, trainers and stable hands.There is a mixed selection of stories and while not all of them appealed to me, the love of all things horses is evident in the detailing and descriptions.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This anthology of six stories about horses and the men who love them is a great collection of sweet romances, funny tales, and dark-ish mysteries. Some are set in the past, some in the present, but all focus on the sometimes unpredictable ways in which love manifests in men’s lives. You’ll find soft romances as well as hot trysts and everything in between in the pages of this anthology. Read individual story reviews here.

  Review by The Blogger Girls

All in all, I loved the first two stories the best but generally found all of them very “readable.” If you love horses, I think you’ll love this collection.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

First let me say I loved the cover and loved pretty much all the stories. I picked the anthology because I’ve read books from most of the authors and it was great. This anthology was a big mixture of many types of stories from historic to contemporary. I never one much for reading historic types of books but it was a quick read and I actually enjoyed it. I am one who reads many contemporary mm romance types of stories and those I loved. All these stories center on horseracing and I love reading those types of stories. The love between the men in this book was complex to lighthearted and you will get everything from angst to romance. This was an excellent anthology and would recommend it to everyone.

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