Climbing the Savage Mountain

T.A. Chase

Customer & Industry Reviews of Climbing the Savage Mountain

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This has all the key elements of a great book. It has all the technical facts to make you feel you are on the mountain freezing, short of breath with your muscles failing with fatigue. TA is a master with emotional turmoil so that you are with Toby as he struggles with fears and his personal self-esteem issues. As Toby pulls himself together you actually feel as if you are with him the whole time.  A wondrous experience, and must read.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I really loved Toby’s character.. You could really feel his love for Jensen to get over his fears and put them aside to be there for the man you love. I loved the authors writing and how you felt like you were there with them feeling Toby’s and Jenson’s worries right along side of them.  I also really loved the extra scene and I was so happy for them having started their growing family. All together I loved this book! I would definitely recommend this book

  Review by Laura

Join T.A. Chase on a journey of love and life for Toby and Jensen. See all they get into with life, well written heart stopping moments. Amazing descriptions of mountains and what real life is. Fantastic writing and a great read. Well worth the read

  Review by Sexy for Review

Toby and Jensen are a beautifully written couple, thanks to the talent of T.A. Chase in Climbing the Savage Mountain. The love story of Toby and Jensen began in Mountains to Climb and took off like a rocket in the sequel. Ms. Chase wrote of gentleness, forgiveness and of a loving family; some by blood, others chosen. The charisma between the loving couple and those they surrounded themselves with radiated through the author’s talented writing and steeped deep into my heart. Love was truly in abundance. Climbing the Savage Mountain was descriptive and well-researched. Ms. Chase, kudos to you for making me feel as if I agonized on the summit with Jensen, Jigger and Cat.

  Review by Carriereviews

Climbing the Savage Mountain is another look inside the lives of Toby and Jensen who we first meet in Mountains to Climb - both of these books are a part of the What’s his Passion series. These books are beautifully written. TA Chase gives us just enough accurate and startling detail of what it is like to experience the thrill of the climb from Jensen and the loneliness of Toby to keep you hooked from the first page to the last. I highly recommend all the books in this series. Read Toby and Jenson’s story from the beginning in Mountains to Climb or jump in at Climbing the Savage Mountain, they are both stand-alone stories which catch this fantastic couple at different times in their lives. The journeys we find in these books along with the incredibly accurate depictions of the forces these men face are not something you want to miss.

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

Yeah! I’ve been waiting for this book! I did like the mountaineering details, and the quote at the beginning of each chapter was a nice addition. The sex scenes are plentiful, hot and fun. 

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