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  Review by Up All Night Read All Day

This book from page one until the end had me on the edge of my seat, the story flowed perfectly and I just couldn't stop reading until the end. This story is a wild ride of butt kicking, sexy as hell (I mean sizzling sexy) and loving all in one. Amazing story, I felt the emotion throughout and just abolsutley loved these characters, they are hot as hell together...Damn! Another 5 star read by Edward. Loved every minute of it!! Wild, Emotional, Sexy and Unique. 


  Review by Diverse Reader

Reaper is very action packed. Reaper aka Zack is a business man by day ( a very successful one) and a vigilante by night. A lot of parallels to Bruce Wayne/Batman/ the Punisher. Both Zach and Reaper (since they are the same person) protect the homeless. More so the children. I loved that. I really did. He was the vigilante that we see in the movies. The do gooder. The ensemble in this book was a BAND OF BADASSES! That is for sure. The ONLY issue I had was the dialog was a wee bit cheesy at time. But it's such an action packed, suspenseful story I was able to get past it.

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