When the Dead Speak

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of When the Dead Speak

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  Review by Queercentric Books

When the Dead Speak has some delightful highs and bitter lows. It’s a well written book that I enjoyed reading. I love that the message of friendship and acceptance that was part of A Subtle Breeze has transferred to this book as well.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

The strong, compelling characters captivate readers and the fast paced, smooth flowing plot thrills readers with suspense, excitement and romance. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination while the suspense keeps readers on their toes with humor adding a bit of light-hearted fun. I was completely enthralled with Laine and Severo's story and I am looking forward to visiting McKinton again. On a side note, I appreciated the glimpse of their future provided by the author.

  Review by Archaeolibrarian

This is the second book in the Southern Spirits series which is turning out to be absolutely brilliant! Well written and with an intriguing storyline, this story also has some amazingly hot scenes. I can't wait to read the next one. Highly recommended by me.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Oh this one was goooood!!! Not only was I treated to high levels of sexual tension, but there were also high levels of danger-related tension. And you know what happens when those two combine, don’t you? Oh yeah, my Kindle needed a cigarette a time or two while reading Laine and Sev’s bedroom action.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

This story has a good plot; the paranormal element gives it even more appeal. It was wonderful to see Brenden and Zeke from the first book again. They will probably always be my favorite couple of the series. I was in awe of Sev's clairaudience; his ability to hear the dead. Although it could be distressing at times, it was a wonderful gift which often came in. I recommend to those who like mystery framed in a paranormal context, hot guys, suspense, law enforcement officers, and searing hot sexual encounters. Thanks, Bailey, for the opportunity to see through eyes from the other side.

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

I must say that one of my favourite things about Bailey Bradford’s series is the fact that they all run into each other so when you’re reading Southern Spirits remember you have to read all the books in order. The characters all know each other so you get constant updates on all of your favourites. I also love the way Bailey has incorporated the spirits so smoothly into the storylines that you forget you’re reading about people who have died.

  Review by GGR Review

I loved that the story focused on the sexy brooding Sheriff Laine. He is just the kind that will make you want to hop into the story to “rescue” him….to be his knight in shining armor and the author chose a wonderful man for Laine. The suspense is really gripping. Until the end of the story, I could not figure who was causing the havoc until the author allowed me to find out. Wow. My congratulations to Bailey Bradford, because I take a pride in preliminarily figuring out whom the killer is in stories, and I failed to pre-solve the mystery in this story.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I really liked this book. I'm really enjoying this series it has me hooked. I love that the characters from the last book are included once again in this book. I loved the Sheriff and  Sev together as a couple.  Once again it was an instant love romance, but I thought it just worked with these two. I also enjoyed reading the loyalty that is growing among the friends. I'm loving the paranormal parts of the book. It makes a nice twist to the story. So far both books were wrapped up very nicely at the end, I hate when the story stops and you are left wondering what happens next, these books have nice epilogues.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

The author did a really good job tying up the past with the present. The ghost was once again a pivotal character in the story and this one was impish and a lot of fun. By the end of the book he felt like one of the family. It’s Matt’s story next but I really hope we get to see more of Rich at some stage too.

  Review by Sexy for Review

I enjoyed When the Dead Speak and the characters Laine and Severo. The second book in the Southern Spirits series by Bailey Bradford left me feeling fulfilled and excited as much as the first book. The sex was hot and steamy, Laine and Sev heating up the sheets and scorching my e-reader.

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