Hay and Heartbreak

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Hay and Heartbreak

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

As Usual in a Bailey Bradford story, there is so much going on. Hay and Heartbreak is a fabulous character driven story about Hector and Dan. We get deep insights on both men plus peeks at few of our other favorite couples. There is a little twist, a touch of drama that leads us into the next book. There are lots of hot and steamy man-sex. If you like cowboys, deep character stories, lots of hot man-sex and a touch of drama, this is for you!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Two things that I always know when I read a book by Bradford is that there’s going to be a fair bit of smut, and there’s always a HEA.  Well, I can say that Bradford really threw me for a twist with this one because there is something that happens that just caused me to almost throw my kindle.

I won’t say anything else, but this.  Trust me, you wanna read this one!

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I like reading a story where I can FEEL the character’s attraction to each other, not just told. The author does such a good job with emotions, so 5 stars!

  Review by Literary Nymphs Reviews

There is more going on in Hay and Heartbreak besides the romance of Daniel and Hector.  There are some unusual events going on at the ranch that leaves everyone wondering about Duke’s accident.  While the events surrounding Duke are cleared up, other mysteries have an open feeling about them.  As with the other books in this series, Hay and Heartbreak is full of previous characters who show up in the role of secondary characters.  I love seeing all these guys popping in, as it carries the family feeling the ranch has over to each new book.      

  Review by The Romance Reviews

There are several areas of the story that builds tension and adds bits of excitement throughout the story as Daniel's exoneration and release causes him emotional angst. This is the first book that I have read in this series and I have to say that I was taken with quite a few of the sexy cowboys and very intrigued with the setting. I am looking forward to visiting the Mossy Glenn Ranch again.

  Review by GGR Review

I love how the author created these two beautiful souls. I wish there was a ranch like this in real life where people felt safe and looked after each other despite their differences. I generally rate stories based on how much I was absorbed into the story…and I sure was in this story. I felt as if I was working in the ranch and could smell the barn environment and feel the cold weather. I can almost hear the footsteps in the hallway where the cowboys slept. I loved that the writer made my reading experience very engaging and pulled me out of real life.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

What a wonderful addition, Bailey! I loved Dan and Hector, but even more than that, I loved seeing Dan and Duke start down the road to being the brothers they should've always been. This book really reflected the strong sense of family that is so integral to the Mossy Glenn ranch. I’m not happy about Joaquin and the trouble that happened to him, but I'm pretty sure you're going to make it up to me. Right, Bailey?

  Review by Wicked Reads

 Daniel makes for an interesting lead. The description of his time at the ranch gives a wonderful impression of the atmosphere and countryside. His burgeoning relationship with Hector is also super-hot, and it plays out in a very satisfying way.

Thank you Ms. Bradford for another winning installment from Montana!

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

All in all this was a hot and romantic read that gives you hope in love and happy ever afters.

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