Breathe Deep

Willa Okati

Customer & Industry Reviews of Breathe Deep

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  Review by Wicked Reads

Kit is such a lovely, popular but lonely man with a big secret. Shepherd is bigger than life, but terribly shy. Fate conspires to bring them together, but something is threatening to keep them apart. Be prepared for some tears, and for tugging at the heartstrings! Loved Gib – perfect foil and generous with his bike too! Add it to your pile, if you haven't already.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Breathe Deep is a sweet, gentle, and sexy addition to the series. A lovely story. I adored their growing love and I liked the way the drama was handled. It didn't overwhelm me, but let me see the hurt and pain, while also showing the miracle of love. I can easily recommend this entire series as a feel-good, sexy, and very sweet set of men.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Relatively few authors can accomplish big things with a low word count, cutting straight to point and delivering a novel-sized package in a novella. Willa Okati is one of these authors. Her writing style is engaging, smart, and sexy, and her characters feel realistic, flaws and all. Overall a good romance with a healthy (pardon the pun) dose of realism to keep our guys on the edges of their seats, same as us readers.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This is such a sweet story. I love both main characters.  Kit is devoted to his patients, passionate about his education and terrified that his childhood leukemia has returned.  He is an inspiring mix of strength and fragility. In contrast, Shepherd is a painfully shy bear of a man.  I loved his compassion - and fancied the pants off him! This novella is too short to really navigate the complexities of a cancer scare, but the author does a great job of offering readers highlights without simplifying or rushing the HEA.  I still think that there is more than enough material for a novel here, and I’d love to see more of Kit and Shepherd. The characters are great, the sex is hot and the story is well written.  I was in tears in a couple of places!  A great short romance. 

  Review by The Book Vixen

The leads are wonderful. Both of them are isolated, though different reasons why, but they connect emotionally and sexually together. From the time these two meet at Shepherd’s store and snack together, to the healing-HEA, these two men are connected. Though terribly clichéd with a sick person, I still loved the motorcycle scene when Shepherd takes Kit on a wild ride, followed by a gentle picnic, and well…read the book to get the rest! Enjoyable read with an emotional and erotic romance I recommend.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This is such a gut wrenching, heart breaking story. Seriously, it broke me at certain parts. I do feel that parts of the story were slow, but I kept reading because of the context of the actual story. It was so well thought out by the author. Kudos to Willa Okati! I’m so glad I read it.

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