Big Man on Campus

Carol Lynne

Customer & Industry Reviews of Big Man on Campus

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I liked this story. It brings back some characters from Cattle Valley. It is cool seeing the kid’s from there growing up into men and dealing with new problems. I really liked Jamie and felt sorry for him a lot. I felt the two were a perfect balance and I liked the small twists that kept the story interesting. And in true Carol Lynne style it is very sexy! If you like college football players, pottery, interracial romances, a touch of drama and some very hot man-sex this is for you!

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Jamie has never had an ideal home life, so he doesn’t know what being loved like for himself feels like. He knows that Benny is still pining for Chase, Benny is too honest to hide it, but Jamie cannot help but fall for Benny, landing him in a whole lot of emotional trouble. And the situation with a bast*rd of a father doesn’t make things easier, but Jamie gradually learns that he’ll have to fight back. Powerful and self-centered politicians like his father don’t just go away. I loved watching Jamie come to the realization of what he has to do, then he pulls it off with determination and grace. If you like stories about men who have to fight for the right to be who they were born to be, if two college students learning the truth about whom they can trust sound interesting, and if you’re looking for a coming of age story that is as emotionally intense as it is hot, then you will probably like this latest installment of the ‘Campus Cravings’ series.

  Review by Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

I haven’t read a Carol Lynne book in years but reading this story was like catching up with friends you haven’t seen in years. One of those feel good books that when I finish it, I want to read it again. I loved it.

  Review by Love Bytes

Miss Lynne shows she still has the feeling for this series with this new part even there where it says part 20 it still has refreshing new things and a different story to tell. When both man meet there is instant firework , where Benny is very clear of his intentions and Jaime just feels attraction and just want to let go they hit it of in a big way. Their connection is hot and sexy and I thoroughly enjoyed them being together . There is something that pulls you in wanting to see where it will go .

  Review by Literary Nymphs Reviews

I like both Benny and Jamie and I found their backgrounds believable. Putting these men in a relationship is just asking for drama and angst—and reasons to read their story.

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