Faking Perfection

Mia Watts

Customer & Industry Reviews of Faking Perfection

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  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

5 Intense Stars! What a lovely way to spend an afternoon... From Page 1 you are pulled in to this intense story, and you won't turn away until the very last word. The heat was scorching between Garth and Eli. This author creates all the delicious reactions while reading. This was a fast-paced, perfect length story. In a matter of a few pages, the author keeps you riveted with her words. You will feel the intensity of passion between the characters, some desperation that will tug at your heart-strings, sympathy for a situation that you wouldn't envy anyone in, and a little heart-pounding. There is some laugh-out-loud humour as well.  All in all, a very well-rounded story. This is a story that I would re-read when I needed to get out of a book funk. Fun and Frisky!

  Review by Top 2 Bottom Reviews

The story itself is a smoothly written one. There is some angst and sweet moments and they are very well-balanced. Faking Perfection is a well-written, sexy story that I couldn’t put down once I began reading it. Ms. Watts has once again written a thought-provoking and very sexy story that many readers will enjoy. Highly recommended!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

I liked the book. Garth is a priest in the Catholic church. He’s never consciously thought of his sexuality before, but one stolen kiss three years earlier makes it hard to concentrate on his calling…especially when a man he always imagined as the kisser comes back to town. I wish the anguish was more intense. As much as I’m not a fan of angst, I never got the intense anguish that should have accompanied Garth’s pain as he tried to decide between his job as priest or his feelings for Eli.

  Review by The Book Vixen

This is an erotically laden romance that also deals with faith—a rare combination indeed! I liked this dichotomy of sex and faith but didn’t understand why Eli would have such a visceral love for Father Gareth. I had to just accept Eli’s powerful insta-love for Gareth to enjoy the romantic tension. And wow was the romantic tension dirty! Eli’s brash sexuality hits Gareth and readers for an extremely erotic romance. 

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