Flax's Pursuit

Angel Martinez & Bellora Quinn

Customer & Industry Reviews of Flax's Pursuit

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  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Angel and Bellora have hit it out of the park! The mystery/suspense portion of this story was excellent, but I really enjoyed the way the authors held me in thrall with it, and managed to incorporate so much of the personal and love stories of Val, Quinn, Flax, Ash, and Sage at the same time.

  Review by Hearts On Fire

This is a very well written, well paced and incredible world that has been created and if you enjoy science fiction/fantasy stories, I believe you will love this series and the characters within. As much as the characters may be magical creatures, they have the same vulnerabilities as the rest of us – and sometimes the acting out we have, which only seems to make you connect with the characters and care about them even more. Just like the first book, once you start reading, it is hard to put the book down.

  Review by Love Bytes

This is urban fantasy at it’s finest. The story takes place in our world, but it’s our world turned on its head. So I LOVED this book! I loved the mystery that provides the background to this book, it kept me interested the whole time. I love Kai and his drama, and loved how that resolved. I loved Flax, Sage, and Ash.  This is a nice long book, as the first one was, so there is lots of time for world building.  The writing was great, great characters, a creative story, quick dialogue, and damn fine sex.

  Review by Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance

I didn't want this book to end, I truly didn't. This has to go down as one of my favorite reads of the year and it will take a while for me to forget it. My review couldn't do this book any true justice. Its complex, layered and yet I never got lost reading it. The love was beautiful, the plot exciting, the sex sensual and while I felt sorry for Arthur, I understood the why behind it. Awesome book.

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Twists and turns and spooky killers pop up to fuel Flax’s Pursuit.  The lead characters are quite a handful, yet each has their own strong, vibrant voice exactly at the right time.  This original storyline intrigues and keeps the reader thoroughly engaged.  Hooked from beginning to end I Joyfully recommend Flax’s Pursuit.  Seriously addicting.

  Review by Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn’s AURA series continue’s its marvelous saga with  love that these authors have a whole world and any number of mythologies to pull from when gathering ingredients for these stories.  You never know what type of being or universe the authors will pull from when the next “event” occurs to bring another creature into the human world.  It creates a level of  suspense that rolls over from moment to moment throughout the story, a anticipatory narrative note that helps to make each tale sing with surprise, delight and sometimes sorrow. Flax’s Pursuit.  That’s really one the elements I love that the authors both bring to the story and series.  A sense of depth, an openness of attitude towards all sorts of beings…drows…yetis…trolls…there is something good in every being if you look for it. 

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Quinn’s Gambit, this sequel was even better. With each installment getting better and better, I eagerly look forward to see what we’re getting next.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

I loved how the mystery of the culprit unfolded, and there were great action scenes fraught with danger and magic, but the real focus were the relationships between all the main characters. I love this world that the authors have created and I hope for more tales set in it, whether we revisit old friends or meet new ones.

  Review by The Book Vixen

If you’re looking for urban fantasy, you can’t go wrong with this one. This world fascinates me each time I step foot into it. This time we got a little more in depth in the magic side of things. We finally get to see Quinn really use his magic and watch it grow. I enjoyed that.

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